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Remembering Your First Cufflinks

August 22nd, 2011 Posted in General Cufflinks

CD 1117 01 Remembering Your First Cufflinks

When did you first get to wear sterling silver cufflinks? Was it on your best friend’s wedding when you had to stand in as the best man, or when you were little and your parents dragged you to this function you didn’t know about? Or was it during your university years when you had to present your thesis to a roomful of spectators? How did you feel at the time? Were you excited because you looked so grown up, or were you nervous because you didn’t know how to behave with it? No matter when it was and how you felt, nowadays wearing cufflinks is something you do so well like brushing your teeth or combing your hair. And now you can wear the cufflinks of your choice. You can shop by material and choose which sterling silver cufflinks you like, or any pair made up of different materials. You can choose the Sterling Silver Bullseye Cufflinks or something more current. You can choose one that means something or any random design that catches your fancy. If you are lucky, you or your mom would have kept your first pair of cufflinks and you can still wear it to this day. But if not, do not fret about it. But instead take good care of the ones you acquire so that you can pass them on to your son. And you can regale him with stories of how you felt when you had to wear your first pair of cufflinks.

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