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Go Against The Usual

August 31st, 2011 Posted in General Cufflinks

CD 1249 01 Go Against The Usual

Haven’t you sometimes felt that this urge to go against the usual, to be a little different, a little daring? Maybe you have a couple of times, but you hesitated at the last minute, just because you didn’t want to cause disruption. That is understandable, because when you go against your normal routine, people will immediately assume that there is unusual about you and your life. They’ll either think you are upset about something, or you are ecstatically happy about something. Sometimes, it is quite hard to have to explain to everybody that there is nothing unusual about you, just that you want to be a bit unusual for the day. So to be able to do this yet continue to maintain balance in your life, do it ever so subtly. Replace your gold cufflinks with black cufflinks but to really have something unusual in your person, go for the Knotted Cufflinks in Black and White. This way, you are able to go against your usual routine yet still look as if everything is normal. Only the very keen will notice it when your cuffs show themselves. And even then, the change will not be so obvious because these Knotted cufflinks in Black and White look like the usual cufflinks, only they are designed in knots. They also function the same way, they hold your cuffs together, and they do so beautifully, even when they are not your usual cufflinks. And who knows, maybe next time you will be more daring and you will go for more obvious changes.

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