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Don’t Stress Yourself

August 16th, 2011 Posted in General Cufflinks

CD 1241 01 Don’t Stress Yourself

Stress is perhaps the most abused word in the latest century. Since it became into mainstream consciousness, it has been used left and right by everyone. It is also the default culprit for any unexplained sickness or illness. But then again perhaps there is some validity to it, as it has been scientifically proven to cause sickness. Just driving through the traffic in the morning on your way to the office will certainly increase your stress levels. Especially when you are almost late, or already late, and you are still stuck in the traffic, you will certainly be stressed. To avoid this, you need to cut down on your other activities so that you can get a little more time traveling to work. Or so that you can leave a little earlier and avoid the morning rush. What you can do is to prepare all your things in one place before you go to sleep. This even gives you the opportunity to choose well, giving you time to coordinate your outfit well. You can choose the gold cufflinks or Mother of Pearl Cufflinks you want to wear for the day. If you are not rushed and stressed, you can choose the Malachite and Mother of Pearl Cufflinks over another pair which will not go so well with your outfit for the day. If you have all your things stacked in one place, you can get dressed in less than five minutes, and you can spend all your spare time strategizing for the best route to the office. Then you wouldn’t be so stressed.

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