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Getting Dressed Efficiently

August 15th, 2011 | No Comments | Posted in General Cufflinks

CD 1242 01 Getting Dressed Efficiently

If you are one of the bigger percentage of the population who regularly go to work in the morning and who had to go through the morning rush day in and day out, you need to device a way to dress efficiently so that you can sleep a little longer. You don’t want to spend a lot of time just for dressing up because you would be wiser spending that precious time eating or reading the newspapers, or giving yourself more time to get a ride to the office. So you should get together all the things you need for the day and  put them in one place where you dress up every time. You can do this before you sleep at night so that you don’t run around in the morning looking for stuff around in your room. Get everything together, even your gold cufflinks, neckties and socks. This way, you can even choose the Mother of Pearl Cufflinks you want to use for the day, whether it is the Honeycomb Cufflinks in Smokey Mother of Pearl or another. If you don’t do this during the night, you will end up wearing the first thing that catches your eyes, and you may even be stressed and tired long before you leave your home. Now you should do this every single day, as a discipline, so that it becomes a system with you. After some time you will get so used to it that it will not feel like such a task anymore. And then you can be more refreshed going to the office.


Cufflinks of Pride

August 10th, 2011 | No Comments | Posted in General Cufflinks

cufflinks aviation airborne screamin eagles large Cufflinks of Pride

The Screaming Eagle is famous the world over for their bravery, their no fear attitude towards any enemy front or any challenge. They are also known for their heroism, serving many wars and no doubt being instrumental to winning these wars. This special platoon is highly trained for air assault operations. It is their task to serve as back up for land attack, making sure that their countrymen are amply covered, and they are also in charge of flying back some of their comrades to safety. These men are ordinary men who were faced with the opportunity to do something extraordinary and they did not turn their backs to the challenge. They even have a very famous “rendezvous with destiny”, something their leader Major General William C. Lee promised them. And when that happened each and every man of the Screaming Eagles brought pride to their family and to their land. Up to this day, they still inspire a lot of young boys to care for the country, and to respond to her call when she needs his service. This is also probably why the pair of silver cufflinks fashioned to carry an emblem of the Screaming Eagles is such a popular pair from the many aviation and nautical cufflinks. The Airborne Screaming Eagles Cufflinks serve as a reminder to one and all of the many sacrifices the members of this 101st Airborne Division did. Such tales of bravery and heroism should never be forgotten, it should be remembered with pride and respect.

Healthy Competition

August 9th, 2011 | No Comments | Posted in General Cufflinks

cufflinks ncaa oregon large 01 Healthy Competition

There is always rivalry between colleges and universities, and many of it are rooted on sports. The NCAA, for one, is a major source of rivalry between colleges, but much of it will be healthy competition. Colleges prepare for their fights with rival colleges with a fierce devotion not unlike warriors preparing for war. Some rivalries last decades, and some even transcend several lifetimes. But this rivalry also inspires loyalty and camaraderie between those belonging to the same college. That is why fathers always encourage their sons to go to the school they went to, and they will go to extreme lengths to ensure this. This in turn inspires youngsters to try harder, to be better at everything they do so that they can ensure a spot in their father’s alma mater. And when both father and son are adults, they have a nice conversation about their common college, and again, many of it will be rooted in sports. Sports also gives a sense of belonging. Those who belong to the same college cheer for the same team, making them a part of a bigger community. So wear Oregon Ducks Cufflinks or any other pair of NCAA Cufflinks to show where your loyalty lies. These are not just silver cufflinks, these are cufflinks that proclaim your loyalty to your team. Something that will certainly last with you years and decades after you have graduated from your school. You can easily spot a fellow alumnus once you see him wearing anything that remotely connects to your alma mater.

The Football Spirit Lives On

August 8th, 2011 | No Comments | Posted in General Cufflinks

cufflinks nfl seahawks large 02 The Football Spirit Lives On

Football has a very huge fanbase all over the world, and certainly in America. From its first beginnings, football has immediately captured the hearts of almost all Americans, and they have been hooked since. And you can see it in the way people support all the teams. Each state has its own football team playing professionally, and many more at the semi-pro and non-pro levels. Football is the most popular sports in America, and it is very evident in how much football merchandise can be seen around the country and around the world. Not only are there football jerseys, football balls, football shoes, football socks, there are also silver cufflinks that are dedicated to the game of football. These are what’s collectively called as the NFL Cufflinks. There is a pair of NFL cufflinks for almost all major league teams like the Seattle Seahawks Cufflinks, for one. Every football fan is able to express his admiration and fondness for his preferred team because there is never a shortage of football merchandise. Even babies and young kids are already exposed to football, what with onesies depicting everything about football. Football is such a great way to earn and maintain new friends and it inspires a spirit of brotherhood and camaraderie. The fact that the physical abilities of the players are improved are just added bonuses to the already long list of benefits due to football. So share in the football spirit, you will certainly feel like you are a part of a community.

Police, Our Idols

August 7th, 2011 | No Comments | Posted in General Cufflinks

cufflinks law enforcement police badge large 01 Police, Our Idols

Little boys will always want to be a policeman, at some point in their young lives. And for a lot of young boys, this dream continues long enough to extend well into their adult years, prompting them to take up law enforcement as a study and pursuing a career being a policeman. Aside from doctors, policemen are the most popular professionals idolized by children and there is a valid reason for them to do so, and why parents encourage this. You see, policemen put their lives on the live in the service of their countrymen. They are selfless individuals who always put the welfare of others first before them. They guard the streets at night so that children and parents can sleep soundly in their beds. They leave their family during special occasions so they can ensure safety of the public who are all out celebrating with their loved ones. They don’t know any holidays, because they are always on call to attend to whatever emergency there may be. And in return, they are paid with something that cannot be measured by money – gratitude. No wonder many boys all over the world dream of wearing Police Badge Cufflinks or any other law enforcement cufflinks to show that they belong to the group that serves the people so unselfishly. They may like other gold cufflinks but the ultimate dream is to wear the Police Badge cufflinks because it means that they belong to the elite group of men and women who are appropriately idolized by all.

Making Kids Learn Formal Wear

August 3rd, 2011 | No Comments | Posted in General Cufflinks

cufflinks dc marvel superman large 01 01 Making Kids Learn Formal Wear

Boys will be boys and even when they grow up to be outstanding adults and professionals, they will always be boys. Mothers all around the world know exactly what this means. There will always be a hint of a boy inside any man and to a mother, this boy will always be his baby. And all mothers will know that there is always a way to make this boy yield to your will, no matter what age he is, For example, you’d want your kid to attend a formal occasion and you need him to wear silver cufflinks, choose a pair of superhero cufflinks which he can relate to. When it comes to that, there will be nothing more familiar than Superman cufflinks which of course bears the Superman insignia, and who doesn’t know the Superman insignia? This way, your son will think of wearing cufflinks as fun and enjoyable, not a task that is ordinarily for adults. Put yourself in his shoes and you will appreciate his situation. It’s tough enough to be brought to an affair that is dominated by adults, then he has to be in formal wear, and he even needs to wear cufflinks? It may just be too much for him but if it is something that represents his favorite superhero, he may not look at the task as something too heavy. That will always be the trick with boys, you need to make the task fun so that they will like to do it. There’s no use nagging them to it because although they might comply, they will never do so again.


Flying High

August 2nd, 2011 | No Comments | Posted in General Cufflinks

cufflinks dc marvel silver superman large 01 01 Flying High

Are you a fan of the Man of Steel? Then, rejoice, because there is a better way of showing off your love for the man than putting on that blue spandex suit and a red cape. Not to mention of course that you need to wear your briefs after you have worn your spandex. It may not be a problem if you have the same physique and built as Christopher Reeve but if you are not exactly packed like him, you may want to consider other ways of expressing your likeness for this Krytopnian. If you want to shout out to the world that you are a big fan of the Man of Steel yet you want to do it in a very classy way, then you need only get a pair of superhero cufflinks, specifically, the Silver Edition Superman Cufflinks. This pair of silver cufflinks carries the unmistakable, iconic Superman logo that can only mean speed, strength and might. Every crook or wrongdoer flees at the sight of this logo, and every man and woman immediately feel safe whenever they see this familiar sign. They know that whatever is wrong will be made right, and they know that they are safe again because of the hero who is Superman. Superman has always proven to be a very reliable guardian. He is always around to help somebody in need, whether it is an average worker falling from the twenty-fifth floor window he was cleaning, or whether he is the president of the nation. Perhaps it is due to his bionic ears which can hear a cry of help from hundreds of miles away, but probably more so due to his very noble intention to protect his city.

Classy Superman Cufflinks

August 1st, 2011 | No Comments | Posted in General Cufflinks

cufflinks dc marvel sterling superman large 01 01 Classy Superman Cufflinks

Superman’s story is filled with all the right ingredients that make a legend. Born on another planet to his loving Kryptonian mother and father, he was sent in a capsule to space which eventually brought him to Earth. This move was done by his parents when their universe was seemingly falling apart and in their effort to save their son, they took the risk of sending him to outer space with a prayer and a hope that he will survive. Their prayers were answered in the form of Jonathan and Martha Kent, Superman’s adapted parents. They christened him Clark Kent, and he went on to become an outstanding citizen, albeit an awkward one. He worked for a daily newspaper, serving his countrymen by bringing them news on a daily basis. And then there is his arch enemy Lex Luthor, whose only intention seems to be that of destroying him. Clark Kent is the exact opposite of Superman. He is unsure of himself, stutters, and does not show off his physique with the kind of clothes he wears. Love, hatred, anonymity, they’re all there which makes the story of Superman so great and well loved. So make the Sterling Superman Cufflinks a part of your sterling silver cufflinks collection. These superhero cufflinks will be at home in the board room or in a formal event with its elegant shine and gloss. These are no ordinary cufflinks, and they will surely last a lifetime, just like the story of Superman which is very unique and will surely withstand the test of time.